Wedding garter – tutorial

Beautiful lace wedding garter decorated with a bow and rhinestone. Tightened in the middle with an elastic band . It is a part of every bride and symbolizes good luck and fertility. It is the blue color of the garter that symbolizes fidelity . Sew your own according to our instructions.

We will cut the lace and ribbon with a length of 87 cm.
At the same time, we will also cut a 55 cm piece of rubber band.
Sew the ribbon to the center of the lace in two rows to create a tunnel in the middle, through which the elastic to tighten the garter will be threaded later. Like this in one row ..
And so in the second row.
We take a safety pin to which we attach an elastic band and thread it through the tunnel in the ribbon.
Bottom view.
Sew the rubber band with ribbon and lace on one side.
We pull the lace and gather it to the length of the elastic and sew the other end.
We will attach the ends to each other like this.
And we will sew.
We stitched .
We turn from the other side.
And we will also sew.
The resulting sewn garter.
Cut two ribbons for the decorative bow. The wider one measures 40 cm and the thinner one 30 cm.
In this way of folding, we will create a bow …. 1 step :
2nd step :
3rd step and result :
Sew the bow in the middle.
We have sewn .
In the same way as we made the previous larger bow, we will now make a bow from the second weaker ribbon as well.
We have bows ready.
We sew them together.
And sew on the garter.
Finally, you can sew or glue a decorative stone.
This is what the final product looks like.
This is what the final product looks like.