Dog scarf – tutorial

A beautiful triangular scarf for your dog. It can be tied around the neck and tightened as needed with a drawstring. It is elegant and flattering.

Cut out a triangle from a strong cotton fabric with about 1 cm more overlap than shown in the picture, due to the foundation of the edges.

If we want to embroider the name on the scarf, we now insert the lining under the bottom corner of the fabric.

We fasten the fabric with the lining with a connecting clasp, which we insert into the embroidery machine and embroider the required text.

We embroidered Ellie’s text and this is what the result looks like.

Fold the lower parts of the scarf and sew it in.

Sew the hems of the scarf in two rows .

This is how the undersides of the wrap are sewn in.


Gradually sew in the sides of the scarf.

This is how we have sewn up these sides .

Sew in the top side last.


This is how we have created a tunnel for the ribbon .

Detail .

Detail .

Detail .

Cut a ribbon that will have an overlap of about 5 cm on each side of the wrap.

Burn the ribbon at both ends over the fire so that it does not fray later.

Finally, we pull the ribbon through the tunnel in the scarf and this is what the final product looks like.