Chef hat – sewing tutorial

Chef hat – sewing tutorial 

Chef’s hat in white and universal size. Thanks to the Velcro fastener, it is freely adjustable. Very comfortable and strong material made of 100% cotton. You can use it both in gastronomy and for carnival and haloween.


Instructions for sewing a chef’s hat :

Cut out a strip of 80×25 cm from the fabric .

Cut a strip of 80×25 cm from the fabric and fold it in half. 

From the middle of the stripe, measure the fabric so that you have 38 cm on the left and 32 cm on the right. This will later create an extra part for fastening the bonnet.

From the next piece of fabric we cut out a circle with a diameter of 50 cm , which we cut 9 cm at the bottom .

In this way we have prepared two parts of the fabric . A circle with a radius of 50 cm and a folded strip of 80 x 25 cm .

We take the circular part of the fabric and sew the cut part in.

Entangle the cut part of the circle, fold it in half and sew through the tip as well. This is mainly to secure the ends against fraying of the fabric.

Take a circular piece and gradually fold it about 3 cm at a time and at the same time sew it around the entire circumference.

This is what a circle of fabric will look like, gathered every 3 cm along the entire length of the perimeter.

We take both parts and pin them at their centers.

Put these two parts together and sew them together again around the entire circumference.

Part of the strip will dwell on one side. This is necessary to sew on the Velcro so that the cap can be connected.

Sew through the bottom strip of fabric and fold it on both sides to create the hem of the bonnet.

Sew around the entire circumference again.

Sew around the excess part of the bonnet in this way.

Cut 6 cm from the Velcro .

Sew the Velcro to the ends of the cap opposite to each other so that they can be connected.

The final result of the sewn-on Velcro fasteners will look like this.

The bonnet can be tightened and fastened with Velcro.

This is what the chef’s bonnet sewn by this tutorial looks like in the end.




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