Veil tutorial

Beautiful wedding veil . Sewn from tulle fabric with a plastic comb attached to the hair. You can use it not only for a wedding occasion, but also for a bride mask, or a fairy for carnival celebrations.

Prepare a plastic hair comb .

We weave the cut strip of tulle between its rows .

We prepare a tulle fabric of any size. It depends on how long you want to make the veil.

Fold the tulle .

Cut the bottom part into an arch .

This is how we leave the trimmed .

Sew through the opposite side of the tulle along the entire length.

Let the thread protrude at the end.

We take one thread from this stitching and pull it off. This creates a pleat of the fabric to the same width as the comb.

We have tightened it to the required width of the comb.

Sew through the tightened in this way.

We have stitched .

Cut the threads .

We will align .

Cut off a small strip of tulle fabric that will be a little wider than the comb .

Fold approx. 2x .

Fold over the cut top .

Sew on and thus clean the tightened part under the comb.

Cut off the protruding parts of the edges.

We take the comb with the underside and the top of the veil .

Sew together by hand with a needle and thread.